1.  These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing.

2.  Quotations are based in accordance with the details provided to us and are valid for 28 days from issue or a date specified.

3.  By placing a booking with us you are confirming you have read, understand and accept these Terms & Conditions.

4.  All bookings must be confirmed in writing (e.g. by email or fax).

5.  For Extended Tours:  A deposit of 10% of the total cost is payable at the time of booking and payment of the balance must be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to the commencement of the tour.  Cash, cheque, bankers draft or BACS Transfer are all acceptable methods of payment (sorry, no credit cards accepted).  If due payments are not made we reserve the right to either terminate the contract (retaining any deposit, if paid) or take legal action to enforce payment.  We may levy interest on all monies due at a rate of 4% for any calendar month, or part of a month, after the due date for payment.

For Single-Day Tours:  Payment (in cash) to be made on completion of tour. 

6.  We cannot accept responsibilty for losses or additional expenses due to delays or change in air, rail, sea or other services, technical problems to transport, sickness, weather, strike or other causes which are outside our control.  If we have to cancel your booking for any unforeseen calamity any monies already received will be refunded.  We will not accept liability for any expenses over and above this.

7.  Except for during travel, our service does not provide insurance cover.  Customers are responsible for their own travel insurance.  Luggage is conveyed at "owners' risk".

8.  CANCELLATION OF BOOKING:  Cancellation must be advised in writing and will be effective from the date it is received in our office.  All cancellations are subject to a cancellation charge according to the scale below:

Day of departure:  Full amount payable.                                                             1 - 7 days before departure:  60% of booking is payable.                                  8 - 21 days before departure:  45% of booking is payable.                                22 - 28 days before departure:  30% of booking is payable.                              More than 28 days:  deposit, if paid, (applicable to extended tours only) will be retained.

9.  Any agreement made with us shall be governed and interpreted in all respects in accordance with Scottish Law.